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Who we are?

We are a small group of enthusiasts that believes that our evolution comes from the evolution of value. The values of a good, beautiful and wise man rise above his weaknesses of greed, envy, deception, confusion … There are no shortcuts in evolution, no lightness of existence; values are born from an idea, they develop with perseverance, they get better with enthusiasm and are borned with love. For years and days, we have lived with the idea of Mr and Mrs. Patewski, it was a slow journey, sometimes painful, sometimes smothered, often nervous. We got angry and happy. We went through love and hate. It wasn’t easy, we won’t lie to you. We knew what we wanted to achieve, we knew that quality compromises are not an option.

We didn’t want to be part of the endless choices in the enchanted circle of corporate products that smuggle you on supermarket shelves, following your every step, following your every thought. We just don’t know how to think like that, that’s not us, we’re honest, and that is all that we know how. We are a small factory where Mr. and Mrs. Patewski were born, Mr and Mrs. by birth. We believe in their values, we believe in the good, the beautiful and the wise, we believe in the symphony of life.

Be our friends, on this path of evolution.

Our values

No additives
Our products don’t contain any additives, taste enhancers, colours or aromas. They are rich in vegetable proteins and fibers.
Our products go through a number of processing steps and various stages of quality assurance on the way from being a natural raw material to be in our jars on your market shelves. Every single step is followed!
Our strategy
For our products we only use natural ingredients, and we make the healthiest combinations of flavours only for you!