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Who are we and what is our vision?

Our factory is on the outskirts of Petrovaradin, Novi Sad. We settled in purely and practically. We do not have everything we need, but for now we have more than we’ve ever dreamed of.

We believe that knowledge leads to success. We don’t believe in shortcuts, one must first feel a blister before wearing a glove. We believe in our responsibility, responsibility towards you, our dear friends, towards nature, towards the small producers of our raw materials, because he is the most important. The farmer is the one that brings nature to Our table. We should preserve it. His sweat should be our sweat. We should be aware of all the effort he needs to spend so healthy beans would be part of our meals. That is why we have deep respect for our beans and chickpeas supplier. Therefore, since we wish, care and can, we want our beans and chickpeas, 100% natural and healthy. We are here, we are waiting for you. Our doors are always open.

Good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who work for it!

Our products do not contain any artificial additives, taste enhancers, colours or aromas. They are rich in plant barks and fibers. Our products go through a number of processing steps and various stages of quality assurance on the way from being a natural raw material to be in our jars on your market shelves. Every single step is followed, and the controls are performed with the utmost care and documented with clear, comprehensive information. Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 22000, and our factory is certified in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Regulations.

We believe that everyone who eats well thinks well!

With our manufacturing processes we are striving to preserve all the nutrients in our ingredients and with the controlled production of our spreads we produce top quality products that support a healthy lifestyle!

We believe everyone deserves to be healthy, but healthy eating does not need to endanger the taste. That is why we have developed a range of quality and delicious spreads packed with nature and want to share them with you. We paid particular attention to combining the aroma of beans with the combination of spices and the addition of white oil to yield the products in which our consumers will enjoy.

Dear friends, we will come to you wherever you are on this wonderful planet that we have to take care off!